Thursday, February 3, 2011


Chinese New Year's Eve
On New Year's Eve, the family whether near or far will gather at their parents house for the ritual feast. This is a symbol of the close family ties to be the cornerstone of social harmony. Dinner in the new year is usually a hereditary tradition as roast duck, pork, oysters berkicap, and vegetables 'Prosperity' is eaten with wine.

Finished eating, all family members will pray and conduct ceremonies 'Shuo sui', which are believed to prolong the life of a person. For the elderly, new years eve will be spent to play mah jong "as entertainment for the close relationship between family members. Precise moment at midnight, firecrackers and fireworks will be burned, marking the new year begins.

Lion dances enliven the Chinese New Year

When the daylight, candlelight ceremony will be burned, a new red dress to the atmosphere, in addition to speech 'Kong Hee Fatt Choy' is pronounced among adherents. It means' I hope this year will bring good. "Guests come to visit bringing oranges, which means wealth and the tradition of giving 'ang pow' proceeded to children and unmarried people.

Chinese New Year is celebrated with a dinner and cake baskets yee sang. Families will eat traditional dishes such as large duck, smoked meats, sausages, sticky rice cakes, and oranges. Young people will be visiting the elderly and receive ang pau money in a red envelope to symbolize good fortune, which is given by the families of those who are still unmarried. Dragon or lion dance parade will be held, with floats, accompanied by the sound of drums.

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