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Grant Ang Pau major tradition in Chinese society

History of Chinese New Year

History of Chinese New Year begins for thousands of years ago, where a violent creatures called 'Nian' create chaos in mainland China. It makes people live in fear and misery. They sought to defeat this creature. Finally they managed to scare the creatures by throwing a red ribbon in the air, detonating firecrackers and fireworks, burning day and night.

Chinese New Year celebrations are marking the beginning of a new year for the Chinese calendar. Together with red, lanterns, fireworks and garments 'cheongsam', it became a symbol of traditional Chinese society excitement.

Chinese New Year symbolizes the beginning, the starting point in the fate and life. Before the day of the new year begins, relatives far away will come back together. House is cleaned and all debts collected or paid for them are not always surrounded by a new debt during the year. Burned firecrackers at midnight to mark the beginning of a new year and to repel the gnome and the bad luck. The houses are decorated with orange as a symbol of cheap food, flowers and lemon trees.

Corresponding to the festive start to the spring in China is the beginning of a new month and new zodiac. As we know, there are 12 animals that became an annual symbol of the Buddha. The legend narrates that once upon a time Buddha invited all the animals for the conference, but just only 12 animals arrived. In recognition of the Buddha, all the animals are given a generous tribute to the zodiac for the Chinese Buddhist community. The animals were dogs, pigs, rats, monkeys, tigers, goats, chickens, horses, snakes, dragons, cattle and rabbits. Supposedly it is said that those born in these years will inherit the properties and fate of the animal.

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