Thursday, February 3, 2011


Chap Goh Mei

Fifteenth day of the Feast of the Day 'Chap Goh Mei' is no less important. It is the last day of full moon, marking the closing of the festival.

The festival falls on the night of 15-day month, the first month of Lunar China. The day is also called the "Festival of Lights", because the lights were lit at night as the main activity on the day of the festival.

Onde-onde and enjoy the light-install the lights are two main points of this festival. Why put the lights on Capgome Day? In the year 180 BC, China was ruled by the Han Dynasty. Emperor at that time, the emperor Liu Heng managed to break the rebellion movement. That day happened to 15 days in the first month of Chinese Lunar. To celebrate this success, Liu Heng ordered the lights installed throughout the country. A wide variety of lighting installed in the streets on that day. The custom is practiced until today.

The lights are usually made with colored paper, shaped like mountains, buildings, people, Bunya, birds and animals. Now it is a sophisticated modern technology of fiber optics diperbut, laser, sound and light controls were also used in the manufacture of lighting colors.

Chinese New Year is not only celebrated by Chinese all over the world, but also celebrated by the people of Korea, Vietnam, Mongol and Miao (Chinese Hmong) are influenced by China in terms of cultural and religious.

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