Thursday, March 10, 2011


When talking about teenagers, unanimously said that the teenagers now faces a variety of negative symptoms. Ills that exist within the teenagers is increasingly wild like a devastating syndrome of a civilization. But there is no doubt that in the group troubled teenagers, there are teenagers jointly developing the country.

In our country, news of the discovery of the body of 15-year-old school student, a full dress and covered with blood was found in the soil as deep as 0.5 meters behind the house of 19-year-old suspect. The previous week, news about a grandfather who was killed in a robbery committed by his own grandchildren with three teenagers was staggering. These two events are really touching.

The number of criminal cases involving Teenagers of January to September 2010 was 135,121 cases. Which type of case is murder, cause injury, robbery without a weapon, robbery, robbery without a weapon group and rape. (Source: Royal Malaysian Police)

What happened to our Teenagers today?? They will be a leader in the future. Think about it. What will happen to our country in the future??

p/s: I want to be person that are useful to society and country!

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