Friday, March 11, 2011

Maintain Couple Relationship - Part 1

We need to understand that the husband and wife relationship is influenced by at least three things:
1). Personal aspects of her husband as intentions, attitudes, habits, character, style, skills in speaking and personal appearance.

2). Personal aspects of her as the intentions, attitudes, habits, character, style, speaking skills and personal appearance.

3). Atmosphere or environment, such as the time chosen for the communication, the houses and so forth.

Husband and wife need to inculcate good intentions when communicating.
Communication is an act. The commencement of the act is the intention. As a Muslim, faith plays an important role in assessing each of the acts and practices. The intent is no more perfect than to do something to get the blessing from Allah. By the husband and wife have raced to please God in relationships. Communication is a process that starts from the individuals involved. Therefore, Couples should implement some guidelines to improve the effectiveness of communication and bridge the relationship of husband and wife both.

Know yourself before you know the couple.
You need to assess your attitude, weaknesses, strengths and needs in family life. You should see a number of factors including:
a. Do not be mistaken in recognizing your partner. Why would the love of your partner, do not do something that cause boredom and tired.

b. Do not think your partner's attitudes, feelings and thoughts as you. You need to make room for differences. Always discuss and exchange views.

c. Do not like to find fault with the couple. As ordinary human beings, there must be mistakes. Thus, forgiveness is better.

d. Not too jealous or do not believe the couple. Jealousy is a sign, but unfortunately it was too jealous cause people to think bad thought bad will not be able to continue in an atmosphere of good relations.

e. Do not be too want power over the partner. It arises from one of his self-love is too humble spouse. As a result, the relationship will become stiff and unfriendly.

Practice good moral values and moral ethics in the relationship of husband and wife.
1. Polite and gentle with the couple.

2. Practice mutual respect

3. Practice greeting.

4. Always pray in congregation

5. Call a couple of names that are friendly and entertaining as his heart.

p/s: I need to face many challenges to reach into this world.

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