Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maintain Couple Relationship - Part 3

Polite when confronted with her husband
1. The husband is speaking, listen well, shut up and do not delete the conversation.
2. Husbands should be accepted with gratitude, do not answer when being scolded and be patient when the heart hurt because sometimes he deliberately wants to test us.
3. Quick to act when a husband wishes despite being tired. Strictly speaking, obedient to the will of the husband unless the violation of laws
4. Better meet the needs of the husband, satisfy the requirements of her husband from the requirements of the children (this is where the sign of love for her husband). If permitted by the husband, the child will be precedence or others.
5. When dealing with a husband, it is best to always float away, clean the mouth, the fragrance (in the house) and look sweet.
6. HONOR parents and her husband, to respect his wives (if a co-wife) and serve the children of the husband (step-children we are) very well.
7. Maintaining peace and quiet husband, husband to help resolve the problem or at least show a sense of joy and sympathy.
8. Maintain the property with her husband and do not betray him, and maintain cleanliness and neatness of the house.
9. Providing toiletries or clothing before her husband to the bathroom.
10. Respect for the husband, standing sending welcomes the departure of her husband and return home with a smile.
11. Must equally feel the feelings of her husband. Like if he likes, and mourned when he mourned. Joked that he was joking, calm down when he was quiet. And amused when received a gift from husband and do not belittle. Strictly speaking, can explore feelings of husband, and are willing to sacrifice for the pleasure of her husband.
12. Maintaining the dignity of her husband.
13. Understanding the careers of husband and not be complaining if the late husband.
14. Pray for her husband and did not trouble husband with a personal preference. Always good behavior when confronted with husband. Not arguing or fighting in front of the children.
15. Maintaining the sense of shame to husband. 
16. Maintain dignity when her husband was not home.
17. Get enough of what has been given by the husband.
18. Treat her husband just to get a blessing from God.
Facing Techniques argument
Argument is a common thing in married life. Actually, not be all the strife in the household is not good, but sometimes it can also be beneficial to you.

Actual argument is a start in married life, the taste of the consolidation process, goals and needs of their lives. If a dispute is not addressed from the beginning, he feared would pose a greater problem in the future. However, if the problem is solved, the relationship of husband and wife will be closer.

Here are some tips in overcoming strife.
1. If the argument, do not just search for your partner's weaknesses. There is no point in an argument only to find victory. Instead, try to find solutions together.

2. If you are arguing for a topic, do not be combined with any other topic as it will cause the existing problems become bigger.

3. Never use physical or throwing things, because they will raise another problem. Do not also use the offensive word pairs like this all wrong you, you bode * h, you always make mistakes. Instead use words as soft as I regret my actions, you do not know how much destruction to my heart, and so forth.

4. When a dispute occurs, do not accustom ourselves to be alone or away from your partner. Your deeds will be detrimental to the relationship of husband and wife.

5. Do not use money or sex to resolve a fight because it will bring more intense fights.

6. Do not let a third party interfere with your household or if you are both arguing. This will add fuel suspicion and strife. Solve a well between your husband and wife.

7. Do not let your kids see you fight for them will be confused and depressed. When this happens, it will invite another problem.

p/s: 3rd part and this is the last part, hope it be useful.

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