Friday, March 11, 2011

Maintain Couple Relationship - Part 2

Preparing the mental, physical and performance to serve and listen to the couple
a. Avoid communicating when you are too tired. It may cause you to lose focus on what is said by the couple. This will lead to tired and bored.
b. Tidy appearance before communicating. Think what you want to talk to your partner. 
c. Create comfort and beauty in the house. The atmosphere of the house is dirty, noisy scattered and less suitable for communication.

Improve communication skills
1. Pay attention to time be interacting pair of eyes to create a clash. It indicates that you give full attention to what others are saying.
2. Convey the message clearly and accurately without any tricks. Figurative language in the conversation sometimes be suffocating your spouse and maybe he can not understand it clearly.
3. Avoid talking at once. Do your selfishness. Listen to what your partner used to say.
4. Listen while to appreciate without assessing what was spoken by your partner. You need to understand their feelings first and then give your opinion or comment or remained silent.
5. Ask for clarification if not sure what to say.

Regularly conduct joint activities
a. Always pray together
b. Remember and celebrate the anniversary, birthdays together.
c. Sharing duties at home.
d. Often jokes and joking.
e. Discuss when it comes to managing the household.

Give or accept criticism well and wisely.
a. Shouted the angry but not using the language of constructive criticism or silence indicates that you are angry.
b. Gently but firmly rebuked.
c. Do not be humble when you're angry spouse.
d. Immediately apologize when wrong. Do not be arrogant.

p/s: Please read for those who want to feel happiness in relationship.

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