Friday, February 25, 2011


I am grateful to ALLAH because waiting for months has ended. From sitting to shelf STPM results. Although this result is modest and not brilliant like the other fellow, I am grateful for the results obtained. I thank everyone who helped me directly or indirectly in the struggle for these exams. I especially thank my parents who gave encouragement and advice as well. I would also like to thank all the teachers who have educated me in the past to the present. To all the teachers who educate me on level 6, I feel very proud to have a teacher like you all for giving guidance and advice that is useful for the STPM and we face the a future life.

The picture shows me making preparations for face the STPM
able to pose
..and now it has ended. I have already received the STPM results of efforts that is not how hard.
p/s: I hope to continue studies to the higher level...

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