Wednesday, February 16, 2011


For the first time I set foot here. I'm a little fascinated with the art of building in there..hehe.
I was invited by my brother to go here. What a sad, others have gone here many times but I just arrived here ...ahaha..

Some pictures that had been taken at there..

But I'm not satisfied because not able to enjoy the beauty of nearby with longer and with a sense of calm. This can be proved by the third picture, it is my brother and his girlfriend ..hehe. If he does want to take me, then the best, but he brought his girlfriend, is not fun because I was alone..hehe.
Whatever, I am grateful to ALLAH because I was extended by Him and I able to set foot here. Thank ALLAH..
p/s: I praise ALLAH for sending me you my love....hehehe.=p

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