Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Face Any Problem With Peace of Mind

Everybody in life encounters, faces, or meets with one problem or the other. Problem is common to man. In fact problem is an integral part of man and quite inevitable. More often people complains and worry about one problem or difficulty in life as we are the worst hit on earth.......My wife is this and that, my child is a problem, I don't have education, sickness, too tall, food, marriage, No house of my own, No money, No car, I am too fat, I am too slim, The food is not sweet, I am unmarried, I am tired of that and these. The list is endless.

Sad to note is the fact that we complain as if we are the worst hit on earth .the point that you have problem today doesn't mean you are the worst hit. There are One million and one that you are better of.
Notwithstanding there are salient facts you must know about problem that if well settled can give peace of mind in any given problem situation:
a. Every Problem in life has an expiration date. No permanent liability problem.
b. It is Universal. You are not the only being faced with problem. Every Dick and Tom has its own share.
c. What you call Problem today; to some people is a blessing. "Constant Power outage is a goldmine to generator sellers." Casket business is booming because people die everyday. Some people are in business today just because of other people problem.
d. What is facing you as problem today is not new. Many have gone through the same problem and survived it and you too can survive it.
e. Every problem carries new possibilities and must learn to discover them
f. Every problem has good side or benefits. (Blessings in disguise). Search it out. Gold, diamond, silver, honey are not found on the surface of the earth but rather hidden down deep earth.
g. Opportunities abound in every problem. Look for those opportunities. Change your story
h. Helps to discovers one's true self Problem will either change you for better or mar you. The choice is yours.
i. Define your problem. To some people $100 is a big money while some see $100 as 50cent. Define it.
j. Complaining, whining, nagging, fretting about a problem will cause more trouble. All these behavior will not change the situation but rather worsen it. Stop complaining and face the giant
k. Problem is an integral part of man.
l. The answer to every lies within the context of the problem. 2+2=4. The answer lies within the context of the question. Look deeply into the problem you will find the answer.

Thinking, complaining, murmuring, worrying, fretting, nagging about a problem will give one thing.......HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE which leads to other associated problem like heart failure, kidney failure, Diabetes, strokes and finally early grave. When you are faced with this ailments your marriage, business, social life and goal in life will be on a stand still. It is only active and sound mind that respond to things around him or her. You will agree with me that these mentioned sicknesses can be avoided if you can change your mind set about our problem.

The outlined facts above will help you face any given problem with peace of mind. In any problematic given situation ask yourself the following honest questions.
- Is my problem worst of all or what is the worst problem that can ever happen to you?
- Has anybody faced this kind of problem before? Make a comprehensive list of Problems. Has anybody ever survived it? How? If yes that they survive, then there 100% chances that I will make it.
- Does these problem hold any possibility or opportunity
- If I refuse to take action, what will the problem so to me? Bless or Mar me? Answer them with an open mind and you will get a lift.

Armed with the above facts, questions and answers stop complaining, stop the worry, and stop the fretting. Take this piece of advice and get your peace back. I have had the opportunity to visit Hospital, Prison, Police cells, Court premises, Hospital Accident /Emergency ward, Mortuary, I have seen people situation in a war torn countries, destitutes, people living in ghettos. I have seen people with different type of problem and have come to a conclusion that I don't have problem compared to what I saw. Take some time out and check these places mentioned you will give God the glory that yours is better. "Count your blessing; name them one by one and it will surprise you what God have done". Do you also know that the "Rich also Cry". The fact the rich live in affluence does not mean they don't have problem. "The Chicken also sweats but the feathers will not allow us to see the sweat". I wish the rich will have the opportunity to tell us their problems you will come to conclusion that you need to thank God. Cheer up.
By the grace of God a minister of the Gospel who loves to see the family stays together in harmony. Sharing family problem goes along way bringing in solution.

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